A new beginning- RxPharmacist Intern Testimonial

Transitioning to a brand new career in pharmacy was daunting for me, especially after graduating pharmacy school. When I found out about RxPharmacist, LLC through my pharmacy school, I knew it was my last chance to take a leap of faith before venturing to a new path of my own. As we are all facing this devastating COVID-19 pandemic, I knew that being open to new opportunities instead of being selective would help me in the long run, and I am glad that RxPharmacist was there when I needed them the most.

In a sense I knew what I wanted in a career, but I felt I didn’t quite have my skills refined just yet. As soon as I found out there was a medical writing position available through RxPharmacist, LLC, I immediately took the position and gave it my best that I had. During this program I had a chance to improve my medical and technical writing skills as well as my time management. I also worked beside amazing people who had my best interests in mind and their mentorship was the best I have experienced as a pharmacist.

My specific project with RxPharmacist, LLC was working on a Board Certified Pharmacist Specialist® guide to help thousands of seasoned pharmacists pass their boards. This project exceedingly expanded my knowledge of pharmacotherapy beyond what my studies encompassed in pharmacy school and that knowledge is transferable in whatever capacity I will end up in. Currently, I am pursuing a PGY-1 residency program and the valuable skills I have taken with me from RxPharmacist, LLC will undoubtedly help me achieve my goal of entering into a program that is the perfect fit for me. I recommend RxPharmacist, LLC to any pharmacy student or graduate who needs to refine any skills needed for success and am grateful that I chose RxPharmacist, LLC to allow me to be a part of their team.

– Joseph S.

University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, 2021 PharmD Graduate

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