Intern Testimonial- Lifelong lessons, friendships, and wisdom!

My time as a medical writer with RxPharmacist was easily one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had throughout pharmacy school. This internship was instrumental in guiding me through the world of medical communications and provided me with the knowledge to help strengthen my clinical writing and editing skills. The unconditional support I received from my preceptor and mentors facilitated a deeper understanding of the unlimited possibilities and career paths available to aspiring pharmacists. The connections I made during this time will undoubtedly remain lifelong, and the wisdom I received along the way was priceless… I encourage all pharmacy students to apply to this internship and explore a more non-traditional pharmacy path!

Apart from the hands-on writing experience I obtained during this internship, I also participated in RxPharmacist’s employment workshop. As I am currently navigating the transition from pharmacy school to the workforce, I can confidently say this workshop has equipped me with the knowledge and strategies necessary to present myself as a competitive and qualified candidate right out of school. With the advice I received about CV/resumes, networking, and interviewing, I have been able to confidently take on the job search and make solid traction with multiple opportunities. Thanks to RxPharmacist, I am close to securing my dream job as a pharmacist and medical writer!

Danielle G., Fall 2022 RxPhamacist Intern

Nova Southeastern University

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