Securing my dream residency with the help of RxPharmacist

When I began pharmacy school, I didn’t have a clear idea of where I wanted to end up, but I quickly learned that I wanted to practice at the top of my license. I began to entertain the idea of completing post graduate residency training and spent a lot of time early in my didactic career dedicated to studying and excelling in my academics. While this clinical knowledge was valuable, I learned from RxPharmacist that there is more to the transition from student to graduate than just what we study.

RxPharmacist helped teach me about the transferrable skills I should hone to make the transition to residency easier. Not only was the internship itself a unique extracurricular that set me apart from other residency applicants but the timing of the internship itself was so important to my journey. As an intern during the fall semester of my final year of pharmacy school I was employed by RxPharmacist throughout the residency application process, and they made me feel so supported! I was able to obtain a positive letter of recommendation from my preceptor as well. Overall, I think that the RxPharmacist internship helped me match with a great residency program.

Megan P., Fall 2022 RxPharmacist Intern

Northeast Ohio Medical University

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