Become an RxPharmacist Ambassador

Help spread the word and get paid!

Why be an ambassador?

RxPharmacist ambassadors play a vital role in achieving the vision and mission of RxPharmacist to make a positive impact on our pharmacy profession.

From helping graduates to pass their MPJE and NAPLEX exams to securing their futures with our unique ‘How to get a Job’ Series and our Summer and Fall Pharmacy Transitions Internship programs, RxPharmacist is here every step of your early pharmacy career!

What are the benefits of being an RxPharmacist Ambassador?

Ambassadors will serve one-year terms with additional opportunities to serve additional terms, consecutive or not, if desired. The purpose is to raise aware of RxPharmacist to your pharmacy school from the many services we offer from internship programs, IPPEs, APPEs, our famous MPJE and NAPLEX test-prep online courses, and our ‘How to Get a Job’ Series course. Ambassadors get paid on an affiliate commission basis of 15% of each product sale whether to pharmacy schools or their fellow classmates.

Ambassadors get mentorship throughout the program to learn from seasoned pharmacists and preceptors early on to best prepare for their careers and goals in their life.
Ambassadors learn valuable sales, marketing, and business skills that they can carry with them to future careers and programs.
All ambassadors get a FREE Audible Premium Subscription throughout the time with RxPharmacist to continue their self-development learning.
Ambassadors can get FREE access to RxPharmacist’s ‘How to get a job’ series as well as MPJE/NAPLEX courses depending on how successful they are as an ambassador for their pharmacy school.










When I graduated back in 2020, I wasn’t impressed with the resources that Howard University provided to us to prepare for our pharmacy career especially for the MPJE and NAPLEX exams. After completing RxPharmacist’s internship program, I knew they really cared about our profession and quickly became an ambassador to support the cause!

Adam H., Howard University

Graduating in 2021 from the University of Minnesota, I felt we needed a little more prep when it came to the MN MPJE. I completed RxPharmacist’s internship program and it helped jumpstart my career! The level of support they provide to students is unmatched, I quickly introduced them to my school.

Ally B., University of Minnesota

If interested to apply as an RxPharmacist Ambassador, please email our with your resume and cover letter as to why you would like to work with us.

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