Over the Counter Retail Pharmacy Guide



“If your jumping into the retail pharmacy space for the first time, this guide is a MUST have!”– Jessica G., Pharmacist

“I was fearful in counseling my patients in OTC medications, I just didn’t know enough as it wasn’t covered extensively during school. This guide really helped me gain confidence for making better decisions for my patients!” -Michael J., Primary Care Provider

“I wasn’t sure how OTCs affected my patients, the pharmacists helped but I wanted to know more to ensure the best care for my patients. This guide was comprehensive yet easy to understand!”– Justin B., Nurse

“I hate going to the doctor and like to take control of my own health. With all the misinformation out there, I wanted a resource that was unbiased, evidence and factual, and science backed. So happy I stumbled on this guide, it’s a must have for the everyday consumer who wants to geek out!”– Joel V., Patient

The FIRST EVER Retail Pharmacy Over the Counter (OTC) Supplemental Guide!

We searched, we asked, and we realized there is not an over the counter (OTC) guide out there! We decided to do something about it. RxPharmacist is proud to introduce the first ever OTC companion guide to help support pharmacists, nurses, pharmacy technicians, doctors, and healthcare providers to counsel patients in the community, hospital, and medication therapy management (MTM) setting.

Through this guide, you will accomplish the following:

  • Gain a comprehensive review of how a retail pharmacy works starting with pharmacy operations, workflow, technology usage, and layout followed by a comprehensive review of Over the Counter (OTC) products ranging from the major treatment conditions
  • Supplements review from vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, weight management products, and chronic disease management among many others
  • Comprehensive food products and drug interactions review with a section on nutrition support!


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