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Why is Antibiotic Stewardship Important?

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed. In 2021, there were 211.1 million oral antibiotic prescriptions given by healthcare professionals in the outpatient setting. In other terms, that is an estimated 636 oral antibiotic prescriptions per 1000 individuals. To compare this to previous

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Common Beta Blockers: A Refresher

There are roughly 30 million adults on a beta blocker in the United States. Beta-blockers have been around for a very long time. This class of medications has both been used for on and off-label purposes. Over the years, their

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Pharmacy provider status – Are we there yet?

The advancement of the pharmacy profession has allowed pharmacists to take on various roles and provide services that extend well beyond what people think. Often times, people think the role of a pharmacist may be assumed as the stereotypical 12-hour

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NAPLEX or MPJE… Which one first?

One of the most substantial fears that PharmD graduates face upon completion of pharmacy school surrounds the next step in their professional development: becoming a licensed pharmacist. With the exception of some states that require an additional practical exam, such

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