Securing my dream fellowship with the help of the RxPharmacist team!

I was initially captivated by RxPharmacist from the moment I heard about  the prospect of participating in an online internship tailored to my interests. The flexibility to set my pace and customize assignments aligned perfectly with my preferences. RxPharmacist not only acknowledged my interests but went above and beyond, providing enriching work experiences that would resonate in my future endeavors.

Throughout the internship, the unwavering support from RxPharmacist was a cornerstone of my success. The ability to articulate my gained experiences during interviews was a testament to the valuable projects I undertook. Focused on my passion for advertising and promotion, I had the opportunity to engage in projects that not only aligned with my interests but also expanded my horizons into the realm of medical writing.

Becoming an editor for the GA MPJE guide was a crowning achievement, allowing me to contribute significantly to a project of great importance. The mentorship and guidance I received from RxPharmacist Preceptors played a pivotal role in refining my skills and broadening my perspective. The comprehensive learning experience fostered growth, making each task a stepping stone toward professional development.

Thanks to the Preceptor’s support, I was sponsored by this internship to attend ASHP MidYear and I was able to secure a coveted fellowship position at Rutgers, precisely in the area I aspired to be. This accomplishment was a direct result of the skills honed during my internship, showcasing the tangible impact RxPharmacist had on my career trajectory.

In retrospect, RxPharmacist not only met but exceeded my expectations. The internship was not just a learning opportunity; it was a transformative experience that propelled me into a position I had only dreamed of. The symbiotic relationship between my interests, the assignments tailored by RxPharmacist, and the mentorship I received culminated in a success story that I proudly carry into my professional life.

In conclusion, RxPharmacist is not merely a platform for internships; it’s a catalyst for growth, a facilitator of dreams, and a bridge to unparalleled opportunities. I am immensely grateful for the pivotal role RxPharmacist played in shaping my career, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking an internship experience that goes beyond expectations.

-Chaya C., Fall 2023 RxPharmacist Intern

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